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I really like this game... I think the way that you combine the mining and the sort of crafting of the rocket is brilliant... Definitly inspired me to make some kind of space game... 10/10

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Thanks! That means a lot to get some awesome opinions! Sorry I didn't reply earlier, been busy with a new project.

EDIT: I just remembered you're the guy that made the "Cool guy teaches maths" games,  I loved those ones! Seems weird that someone known like you would say 10/10 on my only game, thanks though!


if by 'only game' you mean you made it all by yourself... Just to let you know, I made cool guy teaches math all just me... I know I have to other people helping me in other projects, but CGTM was just a me project :).


By 'only game', I did mean myself, but I also meant it's the one game I've put on itch


Oh, it's still a good game though :). Keep up the good work!

If anyone has any questions about the game, feel free to ask!